Liadorablee (AKA LiaaNyaa)

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General Info

18 y/o
She/her or they/them (feel free to mix it up)

I love games, cartoons and baking

Taken by @_massiverbitch_



Other Accounts

Discord LiaaNyaa#6969
Vent (Friends Only)@LiaUnderground
NSFW (18+ Mutuals Only) @Lewdlia69

While I'm usually a girl, my identity can range anywhere from nonbinary femboy to agender as an example. No matter my gender I still use she/they pronouns

Pansexual is a sexuality that means i'm attracted to all genders
regardless of gender.
It is also known as genderblind sometimes


Do not interact if you're

  • LGBTphobic

  • Racist

  • A pedophile

  • A zoophile

  • A necrophile

  • Truscum

  • Hateful or bigoted in general

  • Minors dni with NSFW tweets

  • I try my best to be a good person

  • It's hard for me to make friends so if youd like to please interact a lot on my tweets before messaging me and asking

  • I have bad anxiety and trust issues so i sometimes can come off as cold in dms with people i dont know well

  • I am a strong advocate for my beliefs and will defend them to the death

  • I fucking hate spiders

  • If i post something nsfw on main its probably a joke

  • I am canadian

  • Politics are confusing and so are labels but im left wing ofc

  • If i make a mistake please explain why im wrong instead of getting mad at me

  • Animal Crossing

  • Baking

  • Beat Saber

  • Classic Horror Movies

  • Danganronpa

  • GTAV

  • Hunter x Hunter

  • Infinity Train

  • Kingdom Hearts

  • MHA

  • Metal

  • Minecraft

  • Modern Warfare

  • Penelope Scott

  • Plushies

  • Pokemon

  • Subnautica

  • Yu Yu Hakusho